New use of old property, where only a chimney remains.

A Brave new Day. I wonder what's in store!

A Brave new Day. I wonder what’s in store!

YarraValleyviews. Can you identify this and where it is as you tour by?

YarraValleyViews. Remembering what once was great. Will it ever be again? Where is it?

YarravalleyViews. “Is the 9.05am from Lilydale on time today?” Where am I?

YarravalleyView. For Iron and Steel shall but yet last.

YarraValleyView. Food and shelter for all.

YarraValleyView. When rain does fall I heed the call.

YarravalleyView. I toil all day when wind is rife, for water is the stuff of life.

YarraValleyViews. Begone Jack Frost! You’ll not rest here.

YarravalleyViews. A Patriotic land are we, though some I’m sure could better be.

YarraValleyViews. An Australian Oasis.

YarravalleyViews. Some may pass and some may fall but I still wait the Hunter’s call.

Yarra Valley Views. Prince’s Bridge at Yarra Glen?

YarraValleyViews. Come brighten your day and purchase some flowers.

YarraValleyViews. An eyesore to some, with static we hum.

YarraValleyViews. To load the cattle is half the battle.

YarraValleyViews. A Mighty Big Thirst!

Warburton Trail Gone Rusty! Standards are certainly falling!

Solar Powered Web!


"Now, where's that Satellite!"

“Now, where’s that Satellite!”


Ben Yering's Food Generator.

Ben Yering’s Food Generator.

The good old Aussie Shed.

The good old Aussie Shed.