The Yarra Valley is a photographer’s paradise, and I hope you will enjoy with me the beauty of this wonderous place. Spanning some fifty kilometers from Warburton to Healesville and Yarra Glen, the Yarra Valley is a place of contrast, in rainfall, temperature and soil, where fields with sheep or cattle grazing abut vineyards, modern architecture interlaces with buildings of historic design, and a cosmopolitan mix of residents and tourists pursue their daily activities.

As the seasons turn, and the sun moves North and South, the colours, intensity and contrast vary enormously, so that one never tires of looking at a landscape, as it changes from day to day.

As this site expands, I hope shutter enthusiasts, tourists, and people escaping the urban pace of life might be enticed by the images posted to come and explore this valley, absorbing the ambience, and its ability to refresh ones soul.

I would implore anyone who has a special photograph, suggestion or view spot in the Yarra Valley they would like to share, to email it to ben yering, and I will post it on the site if appropriate.

Eventually I would hope to develop some suggested tours featuring various photographic opportunities with various themes for interested shutter bugs, or people who just want to travel about and see interesting sights. Camtours?

Enough waffle, time to capture some samples of the Yarra Valley before dark.

A happy YV day to you all!